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Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.

down the rabbit hole
27 August
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sarakate. twentysomething. blogger. traveler. poet. journalist. twitterer. femme. romantic. voluptuous. taken. add. artist. lover. reader. movie-buff. enjoys witty banter, late night conversations, early morning cups of coffee, & copious amounts of tea. a soft spot for fairy tales. belief in self-motivation and self-fulfilling prophecies. pierced. tattooed. book-collector. passions: art, good food, bright clothing.


books: the red tent, ragtime, a moveable feast, watchmen, stardust, the clan of the cave bear, pride and prejudice, the mists of avalon.

tv shows: buffy the vampire slayer, angel, firefly, pushing daisies, wonderfalls, dead like me, bones, mad men, how i met your mother, being human, sanctuary, community.

music: keane, rooney, kate nash, the smiths, tegan and sara, david cook, the bird and the bee, inara george, frou frou, the ditty bops, metric, vienna teng, yeah yeah yeahs, heart, stevie nicks, fleetwood mac, charlotte martin, missy higgins, florence + the machine.

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